One of the possible incentives to wander through the vineyards of Vins de Taller is to visit the private garden of the Falcon family. Antoni has spent more than 40 years devoting himself to the world of plants and landscape ... After having done many gardens and parks, 15 years ago he and his wife, Patrizia, architect-landscape artist, decided to take root in the Empordà and finally plant their own garden.

This garden shows a great variety of shrub species and vivacious plants. It has, in addition, a collection of more than 100 rose bushes of old varieties, and some singular trees.

Perhaps the most interesting, from the landscape point of view, is the transition from the terrace to the garden, the raft-pool, the view of the first experimental vineyard that was planted at the beginning of the winemaking activity and the field of olive trees, to finish The visual with the Serrat forest of Pines halepensis, Oaks and Holm Oaks.

You have to arrange a visit with time.