Each edition from Vins de Taller is the result of a long natural process which combines different factors: our own viticulture and viniculture practices, the varieties which they come from, the Mediterranean climate and the soil in which our vines grow. All these characteristics make up the terroir, our very own terroir in the Empordà region.

Vins de Taller fields are classified as Region III in the Winkler/Amerine scale. The natural wind of the Empordà region is the tramuntana, which can reach up to 120km/h. Temperatures vary greatly between day and night, especially in the forest vineyards, where the Malbec variety grows. The rainfall is irregular throughout the year, as is typical of the Mediterranean climate, and very scarce during the summer months. The soil of our vineyards is alkaline, with a loamy texture, made up of 36% sand, 17% clay and 47% silt.

At Vins de Taller we are convinced that high quality wines come from constant work, which always starts in the fields, planting the crops. The vines in our vineyards are planted close together in order to achieve a strong root competition, thus limiting the production but at the same time enhancing its quality in a natural way. The average yield of black grape vines is 0,8 to 1kg, and 1,2 to 1,5kg for white grape vines.

We also use cover crops between the vines in order to keep the soil’s natural humidity and guarantee the water supply. Our vines do not receive any water supplement, which makes them more resistant to heat waves while making their roots grow deeper to find water in the ground. This technique confers stronger mineral notes to every edition of Vins de Taller.