Vins de Taller is located in Siurana d’Empordà, amidst the classic Mediterranean surroundings of vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields.

The vineyard spreads over a total of four hectares of land, and it is surrounded by an equivalent area of forest which helps with day and night temperature contrast. There are 18,256 vines in the vineyard, of the following varieties:



  Viognier 2.435 units

  Roussanne 1.875 units

Marsanne 1.226 units

Merlot 7.010 units

Marselan 1.960 units

Cortese 2.000 units

Malbec 1.750 units 



We grow the following vine varieties:

A scarce variety of white grape. Difficult to find and to grow, it is a rare and much appreciated variety. Its bright yellow colour gives a golden hue to the resulting wine. Due to its high sugar content and the grapes’ low acidity level, the wine resulting from this vine variety has a neutral taste and a high alcohol content.

A variety of white grape that produces a very strong and full-bodied wine, with a slight touch of spiciness. As it matures, the wine colour darkens, and it acquires a more complex taste and a thicker texture.

A variety of white wine that produces elegant and delicate wines. These wines tend to have a long life, as well as a floral bouquet which stresses their subtlety.

Malbec (Cot)
Black grape variety that produces purple and sweet textured wines, with a fruitiness reminiscent of berries.

A black grape variety which is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Garnatxa. The moderate vigour of the vine produces fragrant wines high in tannins, with ripe fruit and redcurrant aromas, amongst others.

Black grape from a rather prolific vine. It produces wines of a deep red colour, with a touch of purple, which become darker and more intense as they mature. They are best enjoyed as young wines, or after just a few months in the barrel.

Small white grape variety which is grown mainly in Piemont. The resulting wines are typically Italian, with high acidity, neutral taste and delicate aromas.