Wine tasting and paella

After tasting our wines in Siurana  winery and strolling through the vineyards of Siurana de Empordà you can taste a good paella in the open air, in the cellar area or between the vineyards, enjoying an idyllic setting.

What the activity includes:


We will start with a visit to the winery in Vilamalla, where we will explain the entire winemaking process from the moment we pick up the grapes until we get our wine. Then we will move to the vineyards, which we have located in the municipality of Siurana d'Empordà, to be able to see the vines, and to treat the entire winemaking theme, and finally, we will finish with a frying pan and wine tasting in our Picnic area among the vineyards.


Picnic: snack of sausages and salad, paella or fideua, desserts and coffees and tasting of six wines.


Details of the activity:


  • 3 hours (2h tasting and 1h route vineyards and entree, paella and desserts)
  • Any day of the year by appointment
  • Minimum one group of 6 people
  • Adaptable to visitor preferences
35,00 €